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Slackline WRINE 3T-China slacklines

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Slackline WRINE 3T-China slacklines

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Product Specification:

China Slacklines | Slackline Wrine 3T | China Wirstrong® Manufacturing

China Wristrong Industry Co.,Ltd is the first and most professonal slacklines manufacturer in China. Wristrong has the unique patented slacklines webbing weaving technology and exellent advaned slack lines printing methods,which set us apart from other ratchet straps supplier(they also call it as slack lines) . Please refer to Wristrong Sales to confirm that you are buying the real slack lines webbing or a normal ratchet strap webbing.

Wrine 3T is Wristrong Industry's unique design for slacklining market. Wristrong Industry is also good at OEM development on customers' own designed slacklines. Welcome to send your design to get a quote from us!

The Spcification of  Slackline WRINE 3T goes as follows:

-50mm width, for low mounting height and safe handling.


-Maximal Tension 3.0Tons.


-Maximal load 1.5Tons.


-Two part set for fast assembly and disassembly.


-TÜV GS standard product.


-Treeprotectors, Instruction manual, practical carry Bag,color package box available on request.


-Dynamic and elastic webbing provides a bouce force when jumping on the line.


-Easy to trick and jumping on the line.


-Sides-flat weave webbig, which give the feet most smooth and confortable feeling.


-Rubber coated printed to enhance the foot feeling and catch.

Slacklines Packages:


We are not only producing slacklines, but also slacklining:

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