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Electric Chain Hoists-Electric Hoists-HHW-B Series

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Electric Chain Hoists-Electric Hoists-HHW-B Series

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Product Specification:

Electric Hoists-HHW-B | Electric Chain Hoists | China Wirstrong® Manufacturing


Electric Chain hoists are often used in industrial disciplines such as construction and manufacturing. However, they can also be used in an Auditorium or a Black Box Theater to raise or lower set pieces, speaker arrays or other heavy loads. Electric Chain hoists can also be used to replace the work that is done by a Fly system if speed is not a matt-er of importance because chain hoists are much slower at doing the work. Electric chain hoist is widely used in Double Beam Crane, Gantry Crane, Bridge Crane, Tower Crane, Single Grinder Crane, Lifting Platform, Small Crane,etc.


Feathures Of Electric Chain Hoists-Electric Hoists-HHW-B Series:


-Fast lifting speed, convenient operation.

-Overload safety protection.

-Electrical machine hot protection.

-Optional wireless remote controller.

-With suspension hook. push, geared or electric trolley.

-High efficient energy-saving motor, asbestos free brake system.

-Light weight, compact and solid body case.

-Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.

-Drop forged steel suspension & load hooks are heat treated and fracture resistant. In case of dangerous overloading or abuse, the hook does not fracture but will slowly yield.

-Solid chain bucket. -Super strong surface hardened chain.

Specification and different capacities on Electric Chain Hoists-HHW-B Series:


USE Guides On Power-operated Blocks


• Store and handle power operated blocks correctly.

• Inspect the block and accessories before use and before placing into storage.

• For top hook suspension, use hooks that are fitted with safety catches or mouse the hook and ensure the support fits freely into the seat of the hook.

• For trolley suspension, ensure the trolley is correctly set for the beam width.

• Check that the bottom hook will reach its lowest point without running the chain or rope fully out.

• Raise the load just clear then halt the lift to ensure the integrity of the block before continuing with the lift. If the block has more than one speed, start in the slow speed.

Selecting the Correct Block

Power operated blocks are available in a range of capacities, designs and suspensions with electric or pneumatic power options. Select the block to be used and plan the lift taking the following into account:

Type of block - chain, wire rope - electric, pneumatic - class of use - capacity and range of lift etc.

Type of suspension - hook, trolley, fixed.

Speeds and control - single speed, dual speed - pendant push button, pull cord, remote etc.

Power operated blocks are designed for vertical lifting only.

Consult the supplier if the block is to be used in areas of high risk, exposed to the elements, water, steam etc, with hazardous substances, eg acids or chemicals, or subjected to extremes of temperature.