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Manual Chain Hoists-HSC Series

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Manual Chain Hoists-HSC Series

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Product Specification:

Manual Chain Hoist-HSC Series | Chain Blocks | China Wirstrong® Manufacturing


Wristrong manual/hand chain hoists are usually known as chain blocks and are designed for heavy duty lifting and materials handling operations. Chain blocks raise and lower loads by pulling on the hand chain. Chain blocks can be of single or double fall configurations depending on the capacity of the blocks. Wristrong chain blocks are produced in accordance with CE, EN 13157,ASME B30.16, AS 1418.2, etc, which could meet the different customers' requirements.

Characteristics Of  Manual Chain hoist/Chain Block HSC Series:


-Manufactured to EC Council Directive 2006/42/EC Machinery, EN 13157,ASME B30.16, AS 1418.2, etc.

-Compact size,light weighted and durable use for long life span.

-High efficiency and small pulling effort at full load.

-Reliable, safe in operation and low maintainance.

-Very low headroom allows optimal use of limited space.

-Capacity ranges from 0.5T to 20T.

-Automatic double pawl braking system.

-Fully forged hooks are fitted with safety latches in all sizes.

-High grade alloy steel load chain.

-Sealed bearing(optinal).

-Each hoist is proof tested at 1.5 times of W.L.L up to 10T, 1.25 times of W.L.L 10T-20T.

-Optional G80 RUD load chain from Germany of FEC load chain from Japan.

-With overload protection device(Optional).

Specification and different capacities on HSC Series Manual Chain hoist:

Chain-block-manual-hand-hoist-HSC-Illu Chain-block-manual-hand-hoist-HSC-Specs  

Wristrong hoists only use asbestos free brake, holding lift at any regular height.

Robust all-steel construction, plus alumium handle on some types to decrease the whole weight .

Top and bottom hooks are fitted with safety latches as standard.

All rotating components mounted on roller or ball bearings to reduce friction & increase efficiency.

All of Wristrong hoists are fitted with high grade alloy steel chain & Overload Protection Devices are available upon request.

Ratchet lever block & Elctric chain hoist also available.

G80 FEC CHAIN from Japan or RUD CHAIN from Germany are available upon request.


Use guide of Materials Hoists.