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Ratchet Tie Down For Europe

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Ratchet Tie Down For Europe

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Product Specification:

Ratchet Tie-down-Web Lashing-Tie down strap Acc. to EN12195-2


Material:Polyester webbing + Mn steel

Safety Factor: 2:1, 3:1

Length: As requested

Color: White,Yellow,Green,Black,Pink,Red,etc

Standard: EN12195-2

Characteristic:Fast tension and release,wearable

Package: Carton boxes+pallets


Wristrong Industry produces 25mm-100mm wide' Ratchet tie down, acc to EN12195-2 for European market, our ratche tie down  are made of durable resin-coated,UV-resistant polyester webbing strap,and various heavy duty corrosion resistant ratchet buckle and end fittings.

Ratchet Tie Down Endless Type

ratchet tie down endless type

Ratchet Tie Down 5T

Ratchet tie downs 5t

Ratchet Tie Down 4T

ratchet tie down 4t

Ratchet Tie Down 3T

Ratchet Tie Down 3T

Ratchet Lashing Straps