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Single Use Clover Leaf Lift Slings

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Single Use Clover Leaf Lift Slings

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Product Specification:

Single Use Clover Leaf Lift Slings | China Wristrong Manufacture


Material: Polyester or Polypropylene

Safety Factor: 5:1,4:1, 3:1

Size: As requested

Color: White,Black,Grey,etc

Standard: DIN 60005,ISO 4878,EN 1492-1,BS 3481-3, BS EN 1898.2001ect

Characteristic: 100% acc to the standard

Package: Polyester bags+Pallets

Wristrong Industry is one of the most professional Chinese manufacturers in supplying clover leaf lifting slings with high quality, competitive price ,all the dimension are available on customer's requests. Both Polypropylene and Polyester materials available for your choices. Welcome customers to send your OEM designs, Wristrong Industry is able to develop the unique webbing sorting mold to produce the specially design clover leaf slings-Cargo lifting slings- Disposable flat belt slings,etc

Cloverleaf sling/Disposable Cargo Lifting Slings-Bag slings/sling bags are the most cost effective way to lift and transport goods without the use of pallets and or bulk bags. It could pack deterg- ents, fertilizers, food grains, minerals ores, plastics and resins, petro chemicals, cements, ect. Bellow is our normal Sizes available, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirements.


General Sizes available Of Wristrong Single Use Clover Leaf Lift Slings

Our Regular types - Dimensions in CM

Sling Types












Loading (Capacity) Size

Width * Length

100 * 120

100 * 120

100 * 100

120 * 120

145 * 115

115 * 115

120 * 120

165 * 165

140 * 140

130 * 95

170 * 120

Height 85 105 105 115 120 100 90 95 120 105 130
Sling Size Basic a* b Sling

65 * 85

70 * 90

65 * 65

85 * 85

115 * 85

70 * 70

75 * 75

135 * 135

110 * 110

100 * 65

140 * 90

ear development 'c'



280 340 350 280 260 295 350 316 370
Tail 'e+f' reach range 80 90 90 120 135 85 80 100 135 107 140
Note: Please contact us freely if you have any special sizes requirements on the one way clover leaf slings, Wristrong China is also specializing in providing OEM services.

Wristrong On Way Clover Leaf Slings In Using

cloverleaf-slings-bag-slings-cargo-lifting-slings-one-way one-way-slings-clover-leaf-slings



Introduction on cloverleaf sling/disposable flat belt slings 

1, There are three types of materials used for disposable flat lifting slings, a polyethylene, a water resistant reinforced paper or a woven webbing outer layer to contain straight polyester fibres. They are made in several widths and strengths according to the intended use. The slings are designed for one load only (to enable that load to be despatched and received) and are not intended for repeated use.
2, They are normally used in the pre-slinging of bagged cargo and are assembled into a form known as 'cloverleaf' as the empty sling in plan view resembles a four leaf clover. Increasingly they are being used in the construction industry to lift sections of timber framed houses or roof trusses and in manufacturing for packs of steel, wood or plastic.
3, They are not used for general lifting purposes because, although they have a satisfactory but slightly lower factor of safety, they are not suitable for repeated use due to their comparatively light construction and low abrasive resistance. These slings should be disposed of once they have been detached from the load at the final destination.
4, Slings of this type are not individually proof tested, but any metal fittings, such as rings or links, should be proof tested in the normal way. This type of sling would not need to be subjected to periodic examination by a competent person, due to its disposable nature.
5, There is no specific standard for Disposable Flat Lifting Slings (the old Bristish standard has been withdrawn) therefore BS EN 1492-1: 2000 may be used as a guide to compliance with the Essential Safety Requirements of the Supply of Machinery Regulations 1992 Schedule 2 Part 4. There are however standards for the production of disposible bags, known as Flexible IBC’s BS EN 1898.2001 which should be used.