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Single Use Lifting Slings-White Lifting Slings

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Single Use Lifting Slings-White Lifting Slings

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Product Specification:

Single Use Lifting Slings | White Lifting Slings | Hot Sales

These endless type single use lifting slings always come with white colour, that's why they are also called as white lifting slings. Usually  They are very cheap and a good choice for the single trip material handling. The work load limit (WLL)  for most of single use lifting sling(White lifting slings) are no more than 1000kgs with optional safety factor from 4:1 to 7:1. Besides the cheap price, the transporation costs for these single use lifting slings are also very low, as the slings are very light weighted and could be pressed into a small volume.

Technical Details of Single Use Lifting Slings:

Material: Polyester or Polypropylene

Safety Factor: 5:1,7:1,4:1,6:1

Length: As requested

Color: White,Yellow,Green,Black,Pink,Red,etc

Standard: DIN 60005,ISO 4878,EN 1492-1,BS 3481-3 ect

Characteristic:  Cheap price, light weighted. Real Break strength always exceeds that in theory.

Package: Carton boxes+pallets

The main advantage is that depending on the production system, you can use the same sling from the moment the bundle comes out of the machine until it reaches the final destination.

Cargo lifting: Special designed one way slings for manufacturers of: Bars, wood, welded mesh, copper tubes, iron tubes, etc.

Single use lifting slings-white lifting slings, the safety factor of sling has 4:1,5:1,6:1,7:1,6:1, manufactured according to DIN 60005, ISO 4878, EN 1492-1, ect. Label: Orange, Blue or others. Wristrong Industry is China manufactuer with two factory houses, By directly from us, you will save the middle channel costs. One year factory quality warranty on factory defectives. This Special designed Polyester endless webbing sling with one eye and reinforced sleeves is ideal for one way sling use/single use only lifting sling Wristrong Industry Produces large quanity of single use lifting slings/one way slings/disposable webbing slings/one time use only slings/white lifting slings annually,which is widely used in the field of steel, building and wood production, and for loading and unloading of cargo at intermediate drops until they are off load at final destination. Permitted to be used only once. Wristrong Industry also could produce one way sling according to customers requires, and customers could choose special length base on special requirement. SGS Tensile strength test report available on request Made from 100% AAA Grade well-selected polyester or Polypropylene yarn  

Quality Control On Single Use Lifting Slings


Advantages Of Single Use Lifting Slings:

This special Special designed one way slings-single use slings for manufacturers of of Steel Bars and pipes and Hdpe-geomembrane-liner. Single-use lifting slings can not be reused and should be destroyed at the end of the transport chain. In this way, it differs from lifting slings that comply with EN 1492-1 or AS 1353, which may be reused for several time until bellow the standards. Therefore they are always designed into safety factor 5:1, or even 4:1 and 3:1 and also called as disposable lifting webbing sling, or disposable one way lifting slings or straps.

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