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Synthetic Web Slings 2 Inch Wide

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Synthetic Web Slings 2 Inch Wide

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Product Specification:

Synthetic Web Slings 2" Wide | China Wristrong Manufacturing

What is a web sling?

Conventional synthetic web sling belt (synthetic lifting slings), generally made of high-strength polyester filament, with high strength, wear resistance, antioxidant, anti-ultraviolet and other multiple advantages.Usually the web sling comes with two lifting eyes on each end of the sling, just distinguish from other type of lifting web slings: endless web sling, which should be a cycle,without lifting eyes. Synthetic web slings are soft texture, non-conductive, non-corrosive (no harm to the human body), is widely used in various lifting fields.

Currently China Wristrong is able to manufacture web sling with load capacity (W.L.L) upto 120,000LBS, accaroding to American synthetic web sling standards ASME/ANSI B30.9,WSTDA-WS-1. This Wristrong manufactured 2" web sling is made of Class 7 double ply  2" wide lifting belts , can bear 6200lbs in straight load and reinforced eye on each end. Other brief details go as follows:

Material: High tensile strength polyester yarn

Vertical W.L.L: 6,200LBS

Basket W.L.L: 4,960LBS

Choker W.L.L: 12,480LBS

Safety Factor: 5:1

Width: 2"

Length: As requested

Proof Test Certificate:  A proof test can be carried out and provided with a certificate upon request.

Color: White,Yellow,Green,Black,Pink,Red,etc

Standard:  ASME/ANSI B30.9,WSTDA-WS-1

Characteristic: 100% acc to the standard, wearable & durable

Package: Carton boxes+pallets

Web Sling Size & Capacity Charts:

Double Ply Eye & Eye Webbing Sling Class 5

  web-sling-usa-class-5-specs Class 5 means rated loads are based on a stuffer weave construction webbing possessing a minimum certified tensile strength of 6,800 lbs/inch width.  

Double Ply Eye & Eye Webbing Sling Class 7

  web-sling-usa-class-7-specs Class 7 means rated loads are based on a stuffer weave construction webbing possessing a minimum certified tensile strength of 9,800 lbs/inch width.  

Wristrong Industry are producing large quantity of North America standards-ASME/ANSI B30.9, or standards from WSTDA  lifting-purpose eye to eye web slings for USA and Canada markets. We've estalished long term business relationships with the customers from steel factories and geomembrane factories in North America.

The slings are specially designed and well produced to fit the unique requirements on handling steel bars, pipes, HDPE liners,etc. You save costs by a lot if  buying from Wristrong directly  as we are one of the main manufactuers of lifting slings in China.