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What are the differences between webbing slings and round slings ?

Pubdate: Jun 3,2021    Preview: 2,135

What are the differences between webbing slings and round slings?

Common Lifting slings in the market are divided into endless slings and eye to eye slings, but there are often some misunderstandings in the specific distinction between lifting round slings and flat webbing slings. It is necessary to understand the difference between these two type of lifting slings, in order to buy the right slings for your lifting purposes. Therefore here we just explain as follows:

The flat webbing sling has a wide bearing surface, high strength, and bright colors. Both corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance are relatively good, while the endless lifting round sling is lighter, with a long life and  large load capacity. It ensures safety performance and does not damage the items lifted. Meanwhile it protect the operators’ hands from injury. The load-bearing surface of the flat webbing sling is wider and smoother. It is especially suitable for lifting objects with soft surfaces. Compared with the chain slings, at the same load, the endless lifting round sling is only 20% of its weight. Even if it falls from a high altitude, it will not cause injury and cause harms to operation. The lifting round sling will not cause fire sparks in an explosive operating environment, and the strong impact will only flatten the lifting round sling, there the risk value is almost zero to use this kind of slings.

It should be noted that any form of lifting sling should never be overloaded during use. The correct lifting method must be applied according to ASME/ANSI B30.9 & WSTDA-RS-1. In addition, the edges and corners that contacting the lifting slings must be isolated by the protections. Avoiding vibration or impact on the loading objects as much as possible. Check it beforehand to avoid overloading the sling.

If you have any problems when choosing lifting slings, you are welcome to consult on Wristrong Sales Team.