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Woven Lashing Strapping

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Woven Lashing Strapping

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Product Specification:

Woven Lashing Strapping | Wristrong Manufacturing & Selling

Wristrong China has a workshop of 10,000 sq.m with weaving machines, which not only can gurrantee the needs of

our normal orders, but also could have the extra webbings for sales. Wristrong Industry can produces :

25mm-100mm wide' Ratchet tie down webbings, 13mm-32mm woven strapping acc to EN12195-2 for European market;

25mm-100mm wide's ratchet tie down webbing , acc to AS/NZS4380 for Australian and New Zealand market;

1"-4" wide ratchet lashing straps , wihcn and tow straps acc to WSTDA, ASTM B30.9,DOT for USA and Cananda;

13mm-32mm  woven strapping, one way lashing straps and it's accesories;

Safety harness and safety belt webbings;

 All standard Safety Harness and Lanyard Webbings;

Special designed slackline webbings;

Polypropylene webbing for one way lashing straps;

Car safety belts;

Or some other special requirements of woven strapping and one way lashing straps.

All the webbing above are made of durable resin-coated,UV-resistant polyester yarns, which always make the webbings in execellent qualitys.

Characteristic of corded woven strapping:

-Made From Polyester or Polypropylene(PP), Low elongation<7%, UV resistant.

-Safer and Stronger than Steel Strap.

-Cost saving.

-Remain high tension during usage.

-Protect goods from damage and person from injury.

-Lighter and easy carrying.

-Not like chain or wire rope, will not rust or stain goods.

-With excellent shock absorption ability.

-Strapping tight without loose during usage.


Woven Cord Lashing Strapping Specification:

polyester-woven-lashing-strapping-wristrong-one-way-lashing Model Width (mm) Linear Load Kgs System Load Kgs Length per Coil (m) Coil/Box
WS13 13 300 495 1100 2
WS16 16 435 725 850 2
WS19 19 495 890 500 2
WS19B 19 495 890 600 2
WS25 25 915 1420 500 2
WS32 32 1520 2600 250 2
WS32B 32 1520 2600 230 2
PS: The type of woven cord strapping bands above are our regular models, Wristrong also speciliaze in customizing woven lashing straps by your special requirements of width, length, lashing capacity, thickness and tightness of the straps, colors, labels, printing, packages,etc. Please refer to our sales team for more details.

Buy Heavy Duty Tie Down Lashing Straps upto 10Ton or 20,000LBS , please click the link bellow:

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