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Eye & Eye Soft Round Slings WLL 5tonne

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Eye & Eye Soft Round Slings WLL 5tonne

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Product Specification:

Eye & Eye Soft Round Sling WLL 5t | China Supplier Manufactured

Australian/European standard eye & eye round slings WLL 5T from China manufactuer-Wristrong Industry

Wristrong Industry is one of  the most professional manufacturers in producing polyester eye & eye round slings in China. These eye & eye type round  slings are made from high tensile polyester yarns (5.6-8.0cN/dtex) and come with two lifting eyes on each end. Due to low moisture absorption, the break strength are basically the same with dry condition when it gets wet. This feature makes the polyester round slings ideal to opearate in moisture condition, like in rainy days, at seas,etc. Polyester round slings is also a good  corrosion-resistant slings, can be resistant to bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, not afraid of mold. That's why the polyester eye & eye round slings are widely used in nearly every industrial sector wordwide.

Each Wristrong Made 5Ton eye & eye round slings can be fufilled with proof test inhouse and a proof test certificate could be issued and attached onto the heavy duty lifting sling packages upon request. Wristrong China only use double ply sleeves:



Features of Wristrong Eye & Eye Soft Round Slings WLL 5T:

-Manufactured to AS 4497 (Australian Standard) &  EN1492-2 (European Standard)

-Safety Factor: 7:1 or 8:1 and other safety factors are also available.

-W.L.L : 5Ton/5,000KGS.

-Color: Orange colour with ten black stripes on the surface of webbing belt.

-could choose special length base on special requirement.

-SGS Tensile strength test report available on request

-Made from 100% AAA Grade well-selected polyester yarn

-Real Break strength always exceeds that in theory.

-With protective sleeves also available.

-One Year Quality Warranty On Factory Defects

-Free Sample available on the round slings W.L.L under 10Ton

-Traceable labels available on request.

-Factory test certificate for each sling

-Factory direct prices.


Wristrong Industry specializes in producing AS 4497 & EN1492-2 lifting round slings for Australian and European markets. Capacity upto 500Ton. Heavy duty round slings is one of our most prefessional products, which is widely used in international lifting markets.


Wristrong Heavy Duty Round  Slings Used In Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems:

Wristrong-150ton-heavy-duty-lift-round-slings-used-in-herrenknecht tunnelling systems  

Australian & New Zealand AS 4497  and European EN1492-2 standard round slings requires traceable label on each polyester round sling. However,some times we are also required to provide normal label to dcrease the cost. Wristrong strongly advise the customers to use the traceable label on the round slings to totally comply with the AS 4497 standard. Bellow we just example out the two kind of labels we've ever produced before. Of course, Wristrong could produce other forma label to meet the customers' unique design requirements.

polyester-round-slings-lable-as4497Polyester Round Slings Australian Standard LABLE

The Advanges of Polyester Made Slings:

1. High strength , high strength fiber of 5.6-8.0cN/dtex, due to low moisture absorption, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same. Impact-resistant strength is 4 times higher than nylon and 20 times higher than viscose fibers.

2. Exellent elasticity, elasticity close to wool, when elongated 5%-6%, almost complete recovery. Wrinkle resistance exceeds other fibers, that is, non-wrinkle, good dimensional stability. The elastic module is 22-141cN/dtex, 2-3 times higher than nylon.

3. Heat resistance, good water absorption, wear resistance than other natural fibers and synthetic fibers are better.

4. Good UV resistance, UV resistance is second only to acrylic.

5. Corrosion-resistant, can be resistant to bleach, oxidants, hydrocarbons, ketones, petroleum products and inorganic acids, not afraid of mold.

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